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Healthy Food in Utah

Going out to get healthy food in Utah should not be hard. Yet with so many fast food options, it is hard to choose something quick and healthy. Everyone is ‘crunched’ for time, and waiting in line is something that nobody has time for. So we created Wok the Line. Our assembly-line-style restaurant offers healthy food without the hassle.

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Who We Are

Wok the Line is a Chinese-American restaurant focused on delivering great food that is also great for your body. We are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and are open for business. Catering is also an option that we offer so you can provide your friends, family, and employees with a healthy and yummy food choice.

Our restaurant is a great spot to sit down and eat some food. We create a space for you to enjoy your meal without having to spend an hour or two out of your day. Our local business is committed to providing healthy food and using only the best ingredients. 

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Our menu reflects the simple nature of our food. You choose a half or whole bowl, your base, protein, sauce, and veggies. As an alternate, our Wok Originals are a great option if you are overwhelmed by all of our tasty options.

A simple, straightforward approach is also how we run our kitchen. Our chefs are passionate about the food they are cooking. They carefully choose ingredients that are healthy and delicious. Our prep cooks take this food and prepare it to cook and enjoy.

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Just because our approach is simple does not mean it tastes bland. Our simple, fresh food can pack a punch of flavor. We have a variety of flavors available to you. If you love some spicy sauce, we have that. Do not worry if you are not a fan of spicy food; we have options that are not spicy but still flavorful.

The bases and protein are simple but full of flavor. However, the veggies and sauces put on top are the exciting parts. Our sauces are handcrafted and designed to bring out the natural, fresh flavor of every vegetable. The bases complement these flavors and create a balance of healthy and flavorful.

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That’s right! Healthy food in Utah should not be a super-serious business. We like to have some fun and want to put a smile on your face. Our wonderful space and amazing crew make this a reality. We also acknowledge our fantastic customers and their help to keep our place lively and hopping. 

Most sit-down restaurants are a little more serious. We take our business and food seriously, but we like to have fun. Healthy food should not be grave or boring and it should taste great. Grab a warm wok bowl and your favorite side, and start making memories with loved ones.

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When you imagine an assembly line, you think of fast-moving things. This is how we expect our kitchen to run, efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves on being a mindful company that cares about what goes into your food. Our hours allow us to close the doors and slow down. 

As we take the time to breathe, we also find ourselves focused on what gets us out of bed every day: fresh and healthy food. This time allows us to come in refreshed and ready to serve our delicious food.

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You will not find another restaurant quite like ours as an option for healthy food in Utah. We pride ourselves on being unique and original. Our sauces are specially formulated and cannot be found in other wok and teriyaki restaurants.

We use authentic Yakisoba noodles. There are enough restaurants that claim to have authentic food but do not. We are different and use ingredients that are the real deal. Fresh ingredients are not sitting for long amounts of time. This is what makes our food taste great. We care about what goes into our food at Wok the Line.

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Our Vision

We want to create a food experience that is different and memorable. Our goal is to create something new that people can enjoy. Going out to eat should be enjoyable for the whole family. Take some time for yourself and your loved ones by grabbing a bite to eat that is budget-friendly. 

Our vision is to build trust with customers by offering high-quality, fresh ingredients. You can taste the difference because we use real ingredients. Choosing a place to eat should not be hard. Come wok on over and try our fresh food.

Have you been to Wok the Line? 

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Come on over and get some ridiculously-healthy and delicious food.