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Are you, or someone you know, looking for catering in Utah? Catering is a great way to feed a group of people without having to do any of the work yourself! At Wok the Line, a Chinese American restaurant in Pleasant Grove, we want to make sure our customers can have a delicious meal with fresh ingredients. We also know you need it fast and at a great price. So, we thought, why not try to offer this service on a larger scale?

We wok the talk

When considering your options for catering in Utah, you probably have many choices. Many will consider finger-type foods or foods that are more “snacky” in nature. But when large groups of people get together for a party, conference, or business meeting, everyone considers the food as part of the experience. Why go with something run-of-the-mill when you can offer a fresh and unique Chinese American meal?

Why catering is the right choice for your event

You’ve likely been planning this event for weeks or even a few months. You have the guest list ready, the decorations under control, the playlist on point, and now all that’s left is the food. Hmmm. What kind of food? How much should you plan for? What if people say they are coming but don’t show up? Will some people be hungrier than others? What if there are food allergies? The questions are endless, and it’s enough to make you throw your hands and the air and cancel the whole thing.

But …wait. What if someone could take care of all these things for you? They could swoop in, crunch the numbers and figure out the estimate for how much food per person. And, on top of that, they could give allergy-friendly options? Here at Wok the Line, our smart and experienced staff are ready and waiting to do all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you are free to relax and enjoy the hard work you’ve already put in.

OK, so how does it work?

Parties are so much fun, but organizing food for a large group of people can be difficult. For example, there are likes and dislikes to figure out. Then you have to deal with the headache of figuring out how much food to prepare. And all that prep work beforehand… not to mention the clean-up after the event! Wok the Line’s catering service makes all of this easy. That way, you can enjoy yourself and not worry about whether your guests are happy. Our well-trained, friendly staff figure out everything you need to make it the best possible meal. This makes it a relaxing experience for you and for your guests.

There are many choices…Why Choose Wok the Line for Catering in Utah?

Our catering menu is just like our in-house one…creative and fun! You can build your own noodle or rice base, and we have allergy-friendly options (we make gluten-free Chinese meals!). This means you are offering a fresh and fun alternative for a meal. After all, we all know these events can sometimes be a yawn-worthy eating experience.  How many times have you been to a party or event and had to eat the same soggy sandwiches or pasta dish over and over again? With Wok the Line’s unique menu and healthy offerings, there will be something for everyone at your next event.

Some of the delicious options available for catering

Our menu has already proven successful here at Wok the Line. Our fast-casual approach means you can choose from a whole list of fresh, delicious, and healthy ingredients. You can have a meal in your hands in moments! First, there will be a choice of noodles or rice as a base. We even have a gluten-free noodle option! Then, you can choose from colorful and fresh vegetables. After that, you choose a flavor-packed protein. At Wok the Line, we work hard to offer each customer something they will find enticing. We finish off our bowls with a choice of a unique sauce–from zesty to spicy to more “traditional.”

There really is something for everyone. If you’re truly in a hurry, you can choose from a list of our Wok Originals–we take the thinking right out of it for you!

How does this translate to catering for a large group?

Great Question! Here at Wok the Line, we know how important it is to serve up fresh and appetizing food at an event. We also know how difficult this can feel to organize and execute when it comes to a big crowd of hungry people. That’s why we can provide you with all the perks of our in-store menu–scaled to feed as many people as you need to! We offer half- and full-size trays of everything on our menu for a base and protein, and the option to customize your order any way you like! If you are local, we will even deliver everything right to you for a $25 fee.

Why Wok the Line is the best choice for Catering in Utah

We get it. There are so many options out there when it comes to finding the perfect meal for your event. And, whether it’s a birthday party, a retirement celebration, or a family milestone…you want the food to be memorable! That’s why at Wok the Line, we commit to bringing our best into your home, office, or event space. We understand the value of a fresh, unique meal, and the impact it can have on the people you’ve planned for. We can’t wait to show you just how amazing a catered Chinese meal can be. Please, let our Woks do the Work! Wok the Line is ready and waiting to cook up some delicious food for your next special event. If you are looking for a new, bold approach to catering in Utah, reach out today to let us know how we can bring our freshest and best right to your doorstep.